Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Snapshots at Eungella State School

Our first school visit was at Eungella State School, which is one of the most remote schools we are working with this year. Eungella State School is close to the Eungella National Park and nestled in rainforest-covered mountains. Very beautiful and peaceful.

Eungella State School moved their opening to this Friday which clashed with Dundula's opening exhibition, so we arranged to meet the Principal Sue Vonthein and participating Years 5-7 students on Wednesday. All of the students took photographs as part of the Snapshots project and for the exhibition.

The students have been working in groups on different parts of the exhibition and we met the curators, exhibition designers, public programmers, and marketing and sponsorship students. I was so impressed by all of their hard work! The students had made everything from bright banners around the school and community, sending press releases to local newspapers and radios, creating beautiful calendars and bookmarks featuring their photographs, and of course, displaying all of the photographs in the dedicated 'exhibition' room. We were also shown the digital films some of the students have created using their photographs with some very cool music.

I was lucky enough to also have a photograph taken with the Mrs V and one of the students too.

I also asked the students how they would describe Eungella to people who had never visited there. The students said very peaceful, with beautiful sunsets, dairy farms.

On the way back we stopped off at the National Park and were so lucky, because we saw a platypus! Evidence here:

Mrs V and the students were so friendly and warm at Eungella State School, and they have promised to send me photos of their opening on Friday. I wish them all the best!

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  1. Hi there!

    The Eungella State School snapshots make me want to move to Eungella. The students have achieved their aim of presenting a beautiful, peaceful enviroment!

    The way the students have worked together to develop the exhibition sounds really organised and professional - hopefully lots of the community are able to enjoy all their hard work!

    One question I have is: why is there a cannon in a tree? It'd would be great to hear the story behind that!

    Thanks Eungella and Mia!