Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Snapshots at Coningsby State School

This afternoon we headed north of Mackay to Coningsby State School. Coningsby State School have decided to hold their exhibition in November when the School celebrates 125 years. So Alicia and I met Principal Peter Robinson and the participating Year 4-7 students at the school.

It's all hands on deck with preparations for the exhibition! The students are working with a parent to create panels to display their photographs on. The panels are currently being painted with the school building, cane fields, and a backyard to represent the themes of the photographs.

The students at Coningsby State School explained to me how they chose the 40 photographs for their exhibition and the Snapshots website. Each student judged which photographs they thought were the best, based on the techniques used in the photograph (one student stood on the roof to take their photographs!) and also areas to represent Coningsby including the cane fields, the Leap area, and places within Mackay such as the Marina.

Each of the students came up and presented their chosen photographs. When you look through the photographs on the Snapshots website look for:
  • the car wing mirror and the train tracks
  • the bright yellow truck representing Mackay's connection with the mines
  • the cattle yards that have been used over several generations and
  • the old house and paddocks were couples often have their wedding photos taken!

We also had a photograph with all the participating students and Mr Robinson:

Mr Robinson promised to send through some photos of the exhibition in November, so watch this space in the future! Well done to all of the students at Coningsby State School for producing such thoughtful photographs and showing the peaceful surroundings of Coningsby.

Alicia and I are about to head off to Eton North for the opening. Speak again soon.

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