Sunday, May 2, 2010

Snapshots of Remote Communities 2010 – WA Museum Albany Road trip

After Ned and I headed back to Canberra, the Snapshots of Remote Communities road trip continued.

Jenny, Education Officer with the WA Museum Albany drove approximately 1200 kilometres to visit four other schools who, together with Tambellup Primary School (see road trip report Day 2), make up the 2010 Albany region Snapshots schools.

The story of Jenny’s trip follows:

Tuesday 9 February

Drove to Kendenup Primary School (71 km from Albany) with dark skies and cloud building. I was talking with the teachers when a huge clap of thunder was followed by a lightning strike in the paddock across the road from the school.

This was followed by the skies opening and heavy rain drowned out the remainder of the presentation.

The storm followed me back to Albany and we watched in awe the spectacular lightning, overhead thunder and heavy rain continued until early morning.
Storm over Albany harbour at dusk.
Wednesday 10 February

I left Albany to drive to Kondinin Primary School (386 km) for an afternoon information session. The storm had come across the wheatbelt, so as I travelled firstly east, then turned north, trees were over the road. With the storm damage had come electricity failures; however fortunately as I travelled north, the Western Power people were restoring power to towns, banks and, most importantly for me, petrol stations.

I drove up through Borden, Ongerup, Lake Grace, Kulin and on to Kondinin. The temperature on arrival was approximately 38 degrees Celsius, and I was informed that was quite normal and a not particularly hot day for Kondinin!
Kondinin Primary School.
It was at this point I began to find Ned Kelly's cousins along the roadside. My first encounter was at Kulin, on the side of the road was Ned Kelly's horse, armed with rifle and Ned's helmet.

Opposite the school was another cousin standing in a garden. I went inside the B&B where I was staying and there he was again!
Welcome Jenny! Ned in the garden of a B&B in Kondinin.

Ned's horse, near the Kulin Country Races.
Thursday 11 February

Heading south from Kondinin to Jerdacuttup Primary (309 km) saw me driving back down through Kulin, Lake Grace, Newdegate, Lake King then south to Ravensthorpe and across to Jerdacuttup 45km east, then 5k down a dirt track to the school.

Stopped for a coffee at Newdegate and there on the shop counter was another of Ned's cousins. I bought that one!
Pink Lake (salt lakes north of Lake Grace) beautiful!
More of Ned's cousins at King Lake.
Lake King sign showing the Rabbit Proof Fence. Jerdacuttup PS sits on the fence further south, on its way to the coast.
Old rabbit proof fence at the turn off before 5 km of dirt road, Fence Road, to the Jerdacuttup school.
Jerdi Primary school cute! 16 students plus two school buses (the kids call them 'the cat' and 'the mouse'!).
Friday 12 February

Drove back to Albany from Ravensthorpe. Total km 1100 in 2 ½ days!

Wednesday 17 February

Drove to Walpole Primary School to meet the lovely and welcoming staff and complete the final information session for the 2010 project.

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