Thursday, April 16, 2009

Museums to receive more prominence in revised national history curriculum framework

It appears likely that references to museums will be strengthened in the revised national history curriculum framework document which is expected to be published shortly by the National Curriculum Board. The first draft of the framework document mentioned the role of museums only sparingly.

If correct this will be welcome news to the Museums Australia Education National Network which made a lengthy submission in response to the Board's original framework document. In its submission the network congratulated the Board on the broad intent and structure of the new curriculum but made numerous suggestions for how museums (broadly defined) could further support and assist the learning to be undertaken in a national history curriculum. To this end it was keen for the framework to be more explicit about the role and usefulness of museums and their collections, and the capacity of museums to aid students in the study of history.

Once approved, the revised framework will become the blueprint that will inform the writing of the national history curriculum itself.

The Education National Network is delighted that Professor Barry McGaw, the chair of the NCB, will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming Museums Australia conference in Newcastle on 18th May. Professor McGaw will give an update on the state of progress of the national curriculum and later in the day enter into a dialogue with museum professionals on how best the museums sector can assist the development and implementation of the new national curriculum.

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